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Love Is

Do you know if you are a giver or a taker?If you are asked to make a donation of $5 would you take out your card and make a donation of $5 here?Or would you make it for $50?If you can only afford to make a $5 donation right now to a worthy cause to help someone would you do it?Small donations matter to those that do not have anything.Your donation will help the author of this website in researching natural cures for diseases such as high blood pressure,atrial fibrillation,stroke prevention and more and it is done with your help.Please give now. All findings will be posted on this site.Please see the afib (Natural treatment for afib) story.

I Share My Story Because I Love You Thank you in advance!

See My Story -My Natural Treatment For Afib

Donate Money To Worthy Cause

"I made a donation of only twenty dollars $20 because once I read this story I was compelled to give what I could.This I think will save a lot of lives and as far as I'm concerned this is one of the best causes to donate your money to.So many people have heart attacks and strokes and I think it's really good that this story is shared and I am absolutely sure it will help.Maybe even my own family members at some point or maybe even me.I'm gonna save and bookmark this page in case I ever start having chest pain.To my understanding heart attacks and having a stroke is a really big deal and it is good when it is addressed.Natural treatment may be a great idea even though I think a doctors advice is always the best way to go but I think giving money to anything heart related is a very worthy cause for a donation.I think this is still charity because it's gonna help a lot of people that probably can't afford medication or a doctor.But this is just my opinion!~Lizzie Poe -Houston Tx

I Share My Story Because I Love You Thank you in advance!

See My Story -My Natural Treatment For Afib

"My mom suffered from a heart attack so I am very sensitive when it comes to anybody trying to help so I am donating money to help.I can only afford to give a $10 donation at this time but this is something that I can relate to.We are all in this together so lets give love!It's time!!This is a great story!!~Britney L Nichols-Denver Co

"I was looking for a website to donate money online when I came across this story about afib natural treatment.I read it and went and tried the recipe.Dam!It worked!!I was shocked!And I was happy!I'm gonna make a donation of support.Interesting story and very much appreciated!"~Teddy Byas-Seychelles!!

What Is Love

There are many forms of love but one of the greatest is when you give to someone.Giving to charity is an act of love.Here is a story shared to the world that is shared out of love.Make a donation and give love back.Love is giving to others through comforting,charity,feeding,helping,sharing physical encounters,helping people that are in need and it comes any many other forms.Basically love is sharing.You may wish to share your time,your energy,or your money.That is a way of showing love.

Donate Charity Near Me

Finding a charity near you is easy.Just do a local search online for "Charities Near Me" and you should find the best local charities near your location and the information you need will be on their websites.

I Share My Story Because I Love You Thank you in advance!

See My Story -My Natural Treatment For Afib

Love Is Giving

"In life there are two kinds of people.One kind is the taker.The other is the giver.To show love it is usually best to give to others.The taker may rob you of your peace in many different ways.The giver constantly gives whatever they can give and these people tend to keep people in their lives because everybody benefits from people like this.It is best to be a giver whenever you can.Scripture has said that we reap what we sew snd with that being the case,it is best to give so that at some point our giving will return in one way or another.This is my opinion on giving.~William Chancellor-Nashville Tn

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