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My Afib Treatment

This is my story of how I stopped my own afib - atrial fibrillation (heart attack symptoms) natually even tho I was told that it doesn't go away.I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advise of any kind.I am just sharing my personal story.I sincerely hope my story helps you or someone you love.This is a real story.

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If you know someone that has had a stroke or heart attack (MEN OR WOMEN) or is having heaart issues due to cardio health please let them know about my story as I believe that it might benefit them greatly and possibly save their life or at the very least it may keep them from having any more serious life threating cardio issues.
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To get right to the point,I am a musician-composer and I had a stroke but didn't realize it at the time.All I knew was my words all of a sudden were hard to pronounce so I went to the hospital.They discovered that I had a stroke and diagnosed me with afib.After my doctor explained to me how serious it was I was in panic mode and didn't want to take the medications they prescribed for me but I did take them for a while.I felt terrible and scared after I was told that this is a serious medical condition so I started doing my own research on finding an afib treatment that would be a natural cure for my a fib even tho I was told that it would never go away and it was something that I had to live with (not to mention I would be on blood thinning meds for the rest of my life).After a ton of research I put together my own natural recipe.It worked like a charm and I knew it was working after three days because I had no more chest pain.I thought to myself "oh wow!!!this seems to be really working!!!"I was right!
No more chest pain and no more atrial fibrillation!!I went back to my cardiologist to have it checked (it was easy to check because I got an implanted loop recorder that records atrial fibrillation episodes while I was in the hospital) and my doctor looked very surprised.He said you haven't had any more episodes lately so let's check it again in a couple of months.I showed up again a couple of months later and once again,..not even a single flutter!!
I was happy beyond words at this point.My doctor did'nt even bring up blood thinner medication or anything in fact he looked quite puzzled.
This is what I took to stop my atrial fibrillation.And it has now been nine months and no atrial fibrillation!!In fact I haven't even had a flutter nor any more chest pain.I've been doing check ups with my cardiologists since I began taking these and absolutely no atrial fibrillation!! Here's what I took daily to stop my atrial fibrillation.
(I did have high blood pressure but I can not speak to having low blood pressure.)
I learned that alcohol and caffeine were terrible for my afib!!!I now drink chicory root as a coffee alternative because it tastes like coffee without the caffeine.And as for alcohol I keep it to a very bare minimum like one glass once maybe a week if that!!....hey it's better than having a stroke or heart attack!Also an added benefit is my sex live has really improved!!I wasn't expecting it but I am vey much enjoying it!!
All supplements I got from a health food store in my city and I just took them as the label said.I took magnesium,potassium,b complex,Beetroot capsules,L-Citrulline and folic acid.I started taking them along with the meds that my doctor had me taking at first because I didn't want to shock my system by abruptly stopping the meds.I just gradually decreased my prescription until it was gone.I never refilled it..After discussing it with my doctor I continued taking the supplements.
After a few weeks I decided to go ahead and focus on the damage that might have been done to my heart so I continued taking the supplements and also began taking vitamin d3,vitamin c,vitamin e,arjuna herb (this really helped my heart),tumeric,kelp,and cayenne pepper capsules (the cool heat kind...I chose this one because cayenne can feel pretty hot in your stomach even tho some people can take it hot).
I am not a doctor and I can't advise you in any way but I am telling you that this worked for me and has completely stopped my atrial fibrillation and my heart feels absolutely great.No soreness or tenderness like before.They told me while I was in the hospital that atrial fibrillation was something that doesn't go away and I would have to live with it and stay on blood thinning medication but they appear to be wrong.I wish someone had told me before I went through all of that but at least I know now.Please share this with your love ones that have heart problems and chest pain.

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To summarize: to focus on stopping my atrial fibrillation I took magnesium,potassium,b complex,Beetroot capsules,and folic acid and it worked like a charm.When I was ready to focus on repairing the damage to my entire heart I simply added Arjuna,Tumeric,vitamin D3,vitamin C,vitamin E,Kelp,Taurine and Cayenne Pepper to my daily regime and I can't believe how much better I feel now.It is amazing and everything I am taking is all natural.
I'll keep taking all the supplements daily for a few more months and then decrease the dosage to three or four times a week and then once or twice a week or so just to keep them in my body. If for some reason in the future something does'nt feel right I'll head to the doctor or even the hospital and let them check me out but to be honest I really don't think it will happen unless it's something that is unrelated to atrial fibrillation.In other words after almost a year and no problems,I am pretty sure that my supplemental routine works and it is all natural!!I very much prefer to go to the store or order online the right supplements that I need instead of having to stay in the hospital for days or weeks and facing surgery because of heart problems or chest pain and that's not to mention medication expenses.
How to stop afib episode

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One thing that I discovered were the triggers for my atrial fibrillation.For me they were caffiene and alcohol.Chicory root as a coffee substitute and having maybe one drink of alcohol a week works for me.
I hope you enjoyed my story.It has shocked my doctors and made my life so much better!It was a bold step but well worth it thanks to tons of personal research!!I am happy!!.

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"I'm making a donation because I appreciate you sharing your story!!It absolutely worked for my AF and I am so thankful that I read it!Great work my friend!!"~Ann Young-Portland OR

"I can't believe that this actually stopped my episodes!I have decided to donate money because I am soooo thankful that you shared your story!!I was told that my episodes would never go away and that I had to live with it but this actually worked for me.Thank you for sharing your story."~Larry Hutchinson-San Antonio Tx

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"I stumbled across your page about your experience with chest pain and atrial afibrillation and decided to try what you tried for mine.I mentioned it to my doctor before trying and he talked against it but when I asked him what is the worst that could happen he just told me that more than likely nothing bad would happen but it would not stop the heart palpitations and the chest pain.Oh was he so wrong!!After taking the magnesium supplements,L-citrulline and the b complex and folic acid,I could tell in about three days that it was working for me.I'm making a donation to your page because if you had not shared your story,I would have gone on suffering from my condition!!Thank you so much for sharing your story!!~James Newsome Chi TOWN!
"I read your disclaimer that you are not reaponsible if I try what you tried for your heart condition.I started with taking magnesium,folic acid,L-citrulline,b complex and potassium and it is actually working!!I am donating a personal gift to you for the courage to share your story online.Also I am going to share this page with my mother.She has similar problems and I hope it helps her too. I have a feeling it will!!Thank you!~Jessica Bean- Knoxville Tennessee
"I went through the same thing.I was talking and my speech got slurred!I didn't even know I was having a stroke until I got to the hosptial and it was because of atrial fibrillation.All I can say is this is actually working and I would rather continue this way with the supplements!!I feel much better and I am happy as can be because I have learned how serious this condition is!I am still going to my doctor just to keep an eye on things but this is actually working!!!I am willing to show you that I appreciate you sharing your story with a donation!I am also going to share your story with others!!~Katie Campbell-Dallas Tx"

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Sometimes when we donate small it can go a very long way especially when others pitch in to help.Even with money being really scarce for most people making a donation can be rewarding.And when it comes to giving money for life changing and life threatning diseases like high blood pressure,heart disease,diabetes,and others it does feel amazing to know that you contributed to a cause that may quite possibly change someone's life for the better or maybe save someones life.
There are many people that can't afford health insurance or can only afford a minimal policy that doesn't cover much so looking for natural solutions may be one of the best options.Sometimes it may be the only option.Please donate the amount of money that you thank is affordable for you at this time.Natural remedies are on the rise because people are finding out that alternative medicine is trully just that.An alternative that has been proven for thousands of years.Age old herbs and minerals were used long before modern medicine and research says that it saved many lives.In my humble opinion natural medicine is a great alternative to modern medicine.Again,I am not playing your Doctor and I believe it is best to listen to your Doctor or at least share with them what your plans are for trying alternative medicine for your disease or ailment so that your Doctor and medical team can be in the loop about your plans in trying alternative medicine.

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I was reading an article on long covid just last week that mentioned many people are having heart attacks and strokes after having covid 19.I was thinking that could explain why people that were otherwise healthy and once they got covid and seem to do okay afterwards all of a sudden had a heart attack out of nowhere or a stroke.That is very interesting to say the least.

Money donated here will assist in more research in using alternative medicine like herbs for heart disease and all things related to heart disease including high blood pressure solutions,irregular heartbeat , chest pain (sometimes referred to as dull cheast pain ),atrial fibrillation cure ,and cure for how to prevent a stroke ,how to stop an a-fib episode at night,and in the future the search will be for herbal cure for diabetes and more.Please make a monetary donation to help.
You can make a donation using a credit card or via paypal to help.We say a little charity goes a long way because it's true.Your money will help in exploring other herbal natural medicine and combinations of herbs to cure a-fib and heart disease and even more diseases in the future.Please give now.

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What Does A-Fib Feel Like

To me it felt like a soft but very heavy heartbeat that was very much out of the norm.It wasn't painful but it was enough to scare me and it made me sit down and realize that something was not right.If you feel something similar you should go to get it checked out immediately.

A-Fib Symptoms

My symptoms were never painful but more like a heavy low soft beat that was not the normal feeling in my chest.Sometimes not painful but a soft deep and intense enough heartbeat to make me wonder if I'm about to have a heart attack.Sometimes there are several of these and they can be fast or slow.

I Treated My A-Fib With Natural Treament

The side effects of my prescriptions made me feel worst than I was already feeling so I decided to do a lot of research to find alternative medicine for treatment of my A-fib symptoms.

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations ( irregular heartbeat ) are not always painful but can be a serious sign of heart disease.If you feel something in your chest that seems like an abnormal beat or a heavy heartbeat that comes and goes,or a series of heartbeats all at once that seem out of step with normal heartbeats you could be having heart palpitations.It is best to see a doctor.It could be a serious condition and it needs to be diagnosed and treated.It is advisable to get regular checkups with a Doctor.This information was given to me while at the hospital.I am not a Doctor and I am not giving medical advice,but simply passing on what was told to me.Contact your Doctor for medical advice.

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Chest Pain Covid

My chest pain started after I had covid,in fact it was about six months later.If you are having chest pain since you had covid you should contact and speak with your doctor.Having chest pain could be serious and it is advisable to seek medical attention.


Is donating money good?Yes it really is even tho there are sometimes instances where some people have bad prictices in my opinion.I have given to charity many times myself.Yes it does help.

Does Donating Money Really Help?

There are many people that need money and help from kind people that donate to a charity for a good cause.Many companies will make a donation sometimes at events,sometimes at a party and even sometimes they may come by and drop a check off to make a donation to a company or charity.Many people make donations online using their credit cards or depending on the websites they can use a debit card or transfer the money to help the charity.

Donate-Money-Online is an easy way to give money.Usuall you just hit the "give money" button on the website and pull out your credit card or debit card and give the amount of your choice.Many people have asked about a way of donating money online free.Atrial fibrillation is a condition that many people have especially once they reach a certain age and it affects both men and women.

Donate Give Money To A Charity Online

This may not be a charity but giving has always been considered charity and your money is very much appreciated.When we have chest pain it is always a major concern because it could possible mean some type of heart trouble or heart diease which is why it should always be checked out by a doctor.I didn't worry so much when I played sports if my chest hurt on the right side because I usually just thought it was due to lifting weights and it was some kind of chest muscle but when I felt my chest hurt on the left side I knew that was the side that my heart was on so I didn't want to play around with it so I decided to go and see a doctor.I can't tell you the best charity to donate your money to but I will tell you that if you make a donation on this site it will be put to good use as I want to help as many people as I can with natural medicine. I believe natural herbs and minerals will heal many diseases from heart disease,diabetes,impotency,arthritis,menopause,alzheimers and more.I will do as much as I can depending on the help I get.I am going to try.


Make a donation to help here at https://donatemoney-charity.com When you give money you make the world smile.

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"The reason we know that this is a great website for making donations is because we know how serious a heart attack can be.Irregular heartbeat is a worrisome thing for all of us so anytime someone does this kind of research to try to heal themself and seems to be successful and then shares it online for us all to see,I think this may be one of the most important donation sites online.Seeing what actually worked to stop atrial fibrillation episodes may in fact be priceless and the author deserves our support.We should make a donation now in case we forget to donate later.If anyone should get a donation I think sharing your story has made you very deserving.And we hope you continue.Maybe in time you will find a natural way to treat cancer.And maybe even diabetes or alzhemier's disease.We think you are off to a great start.~Blessings!!" Mikial & Sissy Frampties-United Kingdom

Is slurred speech a sign of a stroke?

It can be for sure and strokes are no laughing matter.Unless you are sure that you know the cause of your speech being slurred (acohol etc,),it's best to seek medical help immediately because you could very well be having a stroke.
"I was wondering if I was having heart attack symtoms when my chest began hurting and I felt what felt like soft but deep kicks on the left sIde on my chest.I found out it was from atrial fibrillation which is a serious heart related issue and needed medical attention.If you ever think that you are having heart attack symptoms such as chest pain,heart palpitating,dizziness or other symtoms don't wait.Please seek medical help at once just to be sure.It might save your life.Heart attacks are the main cause of people passing away in the united states according to my research.If you feel any discomfort seek some medical help."~Barry Moore-Chicago Il

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